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Some Statistics About Ideal Implants

At Dr. Barrera’s, first and foremost, we want our patients to be comfortable with the decisions they are making about their bodies and potential cosmetic surgery. Sometimes patients have mixed […]

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What is BIA-ALCL?

If you’ve been considering having breast augmentation, you have likely seen news stories about an FDA recall on a certain type of breast implant. Since Dr. Barrera performs many augmentation […]

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Breast Lift – Mastopexy

Does A Breast Lift Change Cup Size?

There is some thinking that breast lift surgery actually decreases breast size, rather than simply lifting the breasts up to a higher (younger) position on the chest. Is this the […]

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Breast Enlargement

Searching for Symmetry?

People expect their bodies to be symmetrical, meaning that things on your right side should line up equally with your right side. But you have to remember that this is […]

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