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Motherhood is incredibly rewarding in many ways. However, one aspect of motherhood that may affect a woman’s overall sense of well-being is the physical changes that occur. The common side effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding tend to localize to the tummy and breast area. Effects such as stretch marks, a prominent or sagging abdomen, deflated and sagging breasts and enlarged areolas can cause a woman to feel dissatisfied with her appearance.

Let’s face it, rarely does the body return to its pre-pregnancy condition. However, it can once again be all that a woman wants with a Mommy Makeover.

Dr. Barrera is able to combine breast augmentation with other procedures in the same setting, such as breast lift (mastopexy), tummy tuck (abdminoplasty) and liposuction or other combinations.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover is a combination of surgical procedures that can repair the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. In most cases, a Mommy Makeover focuses on the breasts and abdomen. Each treatment plan is customized to meet a patient’s individual goals.

Some patients choose to include additional procedures into their makeovers, such as body-lifting techniques to remove redundant tissue, or liposuction of the thighs, hips, or other areas. When you consult with Dr. Barrera about your Mommy Makeover, be prepared to discuss all of your cosmetic concerns so that you can achieve your desired outcome.

Benefits of a Mommy Makeover With Dr. Barrera

Ultimately, the benefit of a Mommy Makeover is that you can regain a sense of confidence and satisfaction with your body. The combination of procedures is advantageous because it maximizes results and minimizes recovery and costs. One surgical event, multiple procedures, and only one recovery period.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Women in good general health, who do not smoke, and are ready to see their ideal shape when they look in the mirror may be great candidates for a Mommy Makeover. This surgical process is intended to address the unique changes that result from pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Having a Mommy Makeover is a very personal decision that requires consideration not only of results but timing and personalization. Every woman’s body responds to pregnancy and breastfeeding differently, so it is not advisable to contemplate having the same Mommy Makeover your sister or best-friend had done. Your process will be unique to you and will be based on your physique, the amount of breast deflation and sag you have experienced, and the amount and location of fatty deposits and loose skin.

Good candidates have also considered the amount of time their body needs to recover from pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as the time that their body will need to recover from surgery. It is advisable to start planning a Mommy Makeover after your final pregnancy. The body may change for up to 10 months after you stop breastfeeding, so your surgery may not happen until well after your child’s first birthday. As strongly as you may desire a tighter, slimmer body, there is no rushing a Mommy Makeover. The best results come from waiting until hormones and weight have stabilized to undergo surgery.

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What Procedures Are Part of a Mommy Makeover?

Abdominal Procedures For Mommy Makeover

The common abdominal procedures that may be involved in a Mommy Makeover include liposuction and abdominoplasty. Liposuction is the technique through which excess fatty tissue is carefully removed through a small tube called a cannula. This aspect of surgery can be performed on the abdomen as well as other areas, including the flanks, back, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, is a technique used to tighten the abdominal wall. Some women need only a mini-abdominoplasty to remove stretch marks and distention of the lower abdomen. A full tummy tuck extends up to the abdomen just above the belly button and may be performed to repair stretched or separated abdominal muscles. Finally, some women achieve the best results with an extended tummy tuck, which spans around the sides toward the back to remove excess skin.

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Mommy Makeover Breast Procedures

There are several breast procedures patients can consider for a Mommy Makeover in order to achieve the best results for their body and needs. Common techniques include:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation plastic surgery is one of the most common procedures performed annually by members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Mastopexy (breast lift) is a surgical procedure for lifting and reshaping sagging breasts. Aging, pregnancy, weight loss and gravity can all cause breasts to sag.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

Dr. Barrera is able to combine breast augmentation with other procedures in the same setting, such as breast lift (mastopexy), tummy tuck (abdminoplasty) and liposuction or other combinations.

How Can I Prepare for a Mommy Makeover?

There are several ways to prepare for a Mommy Makeover. Our staff provides detailed instructions relating to medications that patients need to avoid prior to surgery. Where patients may want to spend time preparing is in relation to weight management and general wellness and to recovery. A well-nourished body is one that will heal more efficiently. A well-equipped home is one in which Mom can have the comfort and quiet she needs to recover well from her procedures.

Dr. Barrera is a knowledgeable plastic surgeon who keeps his patients’ best interests in mind during consultations. The staff is welcoming, and the office is clean and modern. I will continue to see Dr. Barrera in the future.”  – S.K.

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The Mommy Makeover Procedure

Dr. Barrera performs Mommy Makeover procedures in an accredited surgical facility under general anesthesia. Depending on the procedures that are performed, the entire process can take up to 6 hours. Usually, Dr. Barrera will start with the breast procedure and progress to the abdominal procedure. After surgery, a patient may return home the same day or spend one night in an aftercare facility.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

Dr. Barrera performs all aesthetic surgery procedures at his Accredited Ambulatory Surgical Facility (AAAASF) under intravenous sedation and local anesthesia, without the need for general anesthesia (painless during the procedure and minimal pain afterwards). This provides added safety and faster recovery. Most patients are able to go home within an hour from the end of the procedure with minimal discomfort.

Recovery usually includes temporary tenderness, soreness, and swelling. Bruising may also be noticed in any areas where liposuction was performed. During this initial time of discomfort, patients are advised to take prescription pain medication as directed and to rest as much as possible. For this reason, it is vital that homecare be readily available to manage obligations.

After surgery, patients should wear a surgical bra to support healing tissues. An abdominal compression garment may also be worn for at least a week. After approximately one week, a follow-up visit will occur in which Dr. Barrera will remove drains and possibly stitches.

Recovery usually extends about two weeks from surgery. After this time, most women are able to return to light activities and exercise. Childcare may resume, but we advise patients not to lift children or heavy objects. Patients may be ready to resume other activities after 4 weeks of recovery.

Mommy Makeover Results

Patients can expect immediate results from their Mommy Makeover. In addition, as swelling subsides and scars fade, the outcome of surgery dramatically improves. Breast and body shape continue to transform for up to three months after surgery, with implants settling into their final position and weight reaching a stable number.
topless woman before and after mommy makeover

How Much Is A Mommy Makeover?

The cost of a Mommy Makeover include the surgeon’s fee, surgical center, anesthesia fees, and the secondary costs of prescription medications and compression garments. Our staff is able to provide detailed cost information after your consultation and discussion of the best procedures for you.

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