Non-Surgical Procedures
in Houston, TX

Alfonso Barrera M.D., F.A.C.S. offers a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments including laser treatments, facial fillers, Botox, and Microneedling.

Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments | Houston TX

Facial Fillers

We offer a number of dermal facial fillers for fewer lines and a more even complexion:

  • Restylane® Defyne: This hyaluronic acid reduces the look of your laugh lines and can lend more definition to your chin. If your chin falls to the back of your neck, this may correct its appearance.
  • Restylane® Silk: This injectable gel is also made up of hyaluronic acid, though it’s used more to plump up your lips and reduce lines around the mouth.
  • Restylane® Lyft: This dermal filler targets the cheeks and supports your overall facial structure. It’s highly recommended if you’re looking to add lift to your face.
  • BOTOX®: This injectable facial filler will weaken the muscles and nerves in the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The right facial filler for you will depend on not only your personal preferences but also your skin type, allergic response, and beauty goals. At Dr. Barrera’s, we can help you select the right treatment (or combination of treatments) so you can achieve the aesthetic look you’ve always wanted without the complications of long surgical recovery times.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Stop concealing your skin imperfections and get back to the clear, youthful skin you desire in a quick and easy way with minimal downtime. At Dr. Barrera’s office, we offer optimized-light photorejuvenation treatment – an advanced treatment that helps clear undesirable pigment and vessels from your skin, revealing clearer skin that you’ll be proud to show off.

The procedure works by using a laser beam and targeting different areas of the skin. Most clients will use it to reduce the lines and blemishes on their body, particularly if they have scars, uneven skin tone, age spots, or sun-damaged skin. It can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The results of laser skin rejuvenation will vary based on the patient, and multiple sessions may be needed.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to discuss my options for improving the “wrinkles of maturity” that I have. You have a great smile and a very kind heart. You made me feel very comfortable discussing my nip tucks. I am going to wait a while before moving forward with the surgery. I would highly encourage anyone to meet with you if I have opportunities. Your whole staff was kind & considerate. Keep smiling it means a lot to those around you.” – Terry E.

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Laser Hair Removal

Are you sick of shaving or waxing unwanted facial and body hair? With light-based permanent hair reduction, just a few simple treatments are all it takes to permanently minimize hair growth. Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicle, so it’s unable to produce additional hair. You can use it on your legs, underarms, bikini lines, upper lip, or back, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with endless regrowth.

Depending on the treatment area, you may need additional rounds of laser hair removal to ensure the best results. The treatment is generally well tolerated by clients, with little to no pain. However, areas like the bikini line and the upper lip may be more sensitive. At Dr. Barrera’s office, you’ll meet a staff that’s equipped with some of the best laser hair removal technology so you can be comfortable from start to finish. Learn more about laser hair removal.


The wound-healing response in the human body is quite miraculous. Whether those “wounds” are perceived (as with various skin rejuvenation procedures) or real, the body responds by producing new supplies of collagen and elastin, along with new skin cells, to heal the wounds.

Microneedling uses small needles to penetrate the top layer of the skin, which can help you remove anything from stretch marks to acne scars. Microneedling is different from acupuncture, as it treats a specific area of the body and stimulates your skin’s natural defenses to spring back to life.

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