Cosmetic Procedures

Houston Cosmetic Surgeon – Aesthetic Surgery

Many people choose aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery to give themselves added confidence in social or work situations, a psychological boost or simply to help them look as young as they feel. Often, improving a feature of your face or body will enhance your self-image, and that can help you make positive changes in many areas of your life. Having realistic expectations about cosmetic surgery increases the likelihood that you will be happy with the results.

Since 1985, Alfonso Barrera, MD, has been one of Houston’s most prominent and respected plastic surgeons. He is exclusively dedicated to the highest standards of excellence in plastic surgery. Dr. Barrera’s main objective is to achieve a result that is not only attractive but looks natural.

If you recognize a specific area in which your appearance could be improved and you have a strong personal desire to make a change, then you may be a candidate for aesthetic (cosmetic) plastic surgery.

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