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Liposuction Still Rules

If you follow the aesthetic world, you know the ever-increasing world of non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments to remove fat and tighten skin. But no matter how advanced they get, […]

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Revising an Augmentation

Breast augmentation isn’t a perfect science, and there are times when a patient desires implant revision surgery. Whether she decided she would simply like larger implants or whether there has […]

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A New Option for Your Lips

In April of last year, although no one really noticed thanks to the pandemic that was sweeping the nation, the FDA approved a new product to expand the Restylane line […]

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Giving Your Hair a Little Help

As we age our hair thins. That’s pretty much universal. But some of us experiencing androgenic alopecia have more thinning, which can really bum you out when you see more […]

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Laser Hair Removal

Can Men Remove Their Beard?

At Dr. Barrera’s, we have plenty of male patients. Some opt for liposuction, others for a tummy tuck. Dr. Barrera helps men with enlarged breasts with reduction surgery. And they […]

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Fixing an Earlobe

If your own a home in Houston, you probably have a list of things you need to fix. That’s especially true after hurricane Harvey a few years back and after […]

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