Is a Breast Reduction Right for You?

Beautiful slim body of woman in studioIt seems like most of the focus nowadays is on women who want a breast lift to raise saggy breasts or on women who want bigger breasts – but women who have breasts that are too big may want a change as well. If your large, heavy breasts are making you uncomfortable or self-conscious, you should know that there is help for you!

Why consider a breast reduction?

Your large breasts may make you feel awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassed, and self-conscious – all of which can take a toll on your mental health and make it so you don’t even want to leave the house. It can be difficult to find proper-fitting clothes, and it can be hard to do any sort of exercise without feeling discomfort or even pain.

Large breasts may be taking a toll on your physical health, too, and you may not even realize it because you are just used to it. If you have constant back, shoulder, and neck pain, it may be because of large, heavy breasts. You may even have pain or numbness in the arms and hands, and large breasts may be causing you to have poor posture, which can make back pain even worse. You may also have a constant skin irritation or a rash underneath the breasts.

During breast reduction surgery, excess breast fat is removed. The breasts are reshaped, and all the while care is taken to preserve glandular tissue, the milk ducts, and the nipple. Your breasts will be smaller, perkier, sit higher on the chest wall, and will appear more firm.

Your posture will be better, the stress on your back muscles will be reduced, and your body will be in better balance. You’ll feel more comfortable overall, but especially when you are trying to exercise. You’ll have more energy, less pain, and a lot of fun finding new clothes that will fit you just right!

If large breasts are making you feel uncomfortable – mentally and/or physically – there is help available. Call the office of Dr. Alfonso Barrera to discuss a breast reduction procedure. Call the office in Houston at (713) 468-5200 for an appointment today!

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