What You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty

RhinoplastyRhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure that reshapes the nose. Not only can rhinoplasties fulfill aesthetic goals, but they can also address functional issues, such as a deviated septum.

With over 220,000 rhinoplasties conducted yearly, this procedure is one of, if not the most, popular facial cosmetic surgery. Despite its popularity, you may still have questions about the procedure. Keep reading to learn more about rhinoplasties.

Can Anyone Get Rhinoplasty?

Generally, anyone who is at risk for surgical complications, such as smokers or those with health conditions like heart disease and bleeding disorders, may not be good candidates for a rhinoplasty.

Furthermore, rhinoplasty is not recommended for those who have not achieved full nasal bone development. According to researchers, full nasal bone development happens between the ages of 12-18. Not waiting until you are old enough to undergo rhinoplasty may undo the effects of the procedure and require you to get another one in the future.

To know whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty, speak to a doctor.

Will Your Nose Continue to Grow After Rhinoplasty?

You may have heard the myth that your nose and ears continue to grow despite your age; however, this isn’t true. Weakening cartilage combined with increased skin laxity gives the appearance of a growing nose and ears.

Rhinoplasty can help address sagging skin and the appearance of size that age confers to the nose. Though you won’t experience nose growth after rhinoplasty, your cartilage, and skin will be subject to the effects of age.

Learn More About Rhinoplasty With Dr. Alfonso Barrera

Rhinoplasties require an experienced, artistic surgeon who is able to both contour the nose to meet your goals and provide an aesthetic result.

Dr. Alfonso Barrera of Alfonso Barrera Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Houston, Texas, has nearly 40 years of experience in plastic surgery. For his renowned ability and knowledge in the field, Dr. Barrera was invited to serve on the Executive Committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

To learn more about rhinoplasties from Dr. Barrera, call 713-468-5200 to schedule a consultation.

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