How Long Will You Be Hairfree With Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal Traditional hair removal methods can be annoying, from the nicks of shaving to the pains of waxing. Not to mention, it seems that you need to shave or wax again only a day or two later.

Luckily, laser hair removal can offer better results. But you may wonder how laser hair removal compares to traditional hair removal methods and, most importantly, how long results from laser hair removal last.

How Laser Hair Removal Is Different

Shaving cuts the hair above the skin. No matter how close a shave you get, the follicle remains intact. Without addressing the follicle, hair is free to grow back, so you must reach for your razor quickly.

While hair removal from waxing plucks the hair follicle, leading to greater results than shaving, hair growth is still possible. This means you’ll begin to lose that soft, smooth feeling in just three weeks.

Laser hair removal uses specialized lasers to target the hair follicle. The lasers heat the follicle, leading to extremely slowed growth or even, in some cases, no growth at all. The result is hair-free skin for weeks or even years.

Can Hair Return With Laser Hair Removal?

While hair can return with laser hair removal after a few months or years, typically, the hair that does return is much more fine and thin than before. Furthermore, similar to how shaving and waxing aren’t just done once, laser hair removal may require more than one session.

Unlike shaving and waxing, however, you won’t typically have to come in for laser hair removal indefinitely. Usually, it will only take a few sessions for you to get the results you desire.

Make sure you speak with a laser hair removal provider to understand how many sessions you need.

Find Laser Hair Removal in Houston, TX

While laser hair removal can be a fast, relatively painless, and effective method, the American Academy of Dermatology Association highly recommends that a board-certified doctor conduct laser hair removal to ensure proper results.

At Alfonso Barrera Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Alfonso Barrera is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has nearly 40 years of private practice experience. Dr. Barrera is well recognized for his ability and knowledge, having served as past president of the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons.

To work with Dr. Barrera and receive laser hair removal, call 713-468-5200 to schedule a consultation.

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