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What is the SkinPen?

The SkinPen microneedling system is the only FDA cleared microneedling device in the US. The SkinPen microneedling causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process. The micro-injuries trigger the release of growth factors to stimulate the skins natural production of collagen and elastin to heal and eliminate signs of aging.

Am I a Candidate for a Microneedling Procedure?

Microneedling is generally safe for all ages, skin colors, and skin types. Also, it is 100% natural with no harsh abrasives, heat or chemicals.

What Can the SkinPen Help Improve?

Over time our skin can change causing sun damage, wrinkles, acne, scars, stretch marks, and other blemishes. The Skin Pen can help with overall skin appearance, texture and discoloration by utilizing your body’s own regeneration process. The SkinPen is very versatile and can help improve;

  • Smooth age related fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve texture and appearance of acne and surgical scars
  • Rejuvenate the hands
  • Diminish the appearance of stretch marks
  • Improve overall appearance and tone of the neck and décolletage

What Can I Expect During a SkinPen Treatment?

The treatment is performed in our office and takes 30 minutes to an hour per treatment. The provider will apply a topical numbing cream prior to your treatment to keep you comfortable. The provider will apply a sterile cartridge-tip with 12 micro-needles to a handheld device. The device will be pressed gently across the skin, gliding over the entire area being treated. The procedure will result in tiny holes, known as micro channels, on the skin which will close almost immediately. Afterwards, the provider will apply the SkinPen RESCUE Calming Complex Gel to soothe, protect, and support skin healing.

What is the SkinPen With PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) method requires blood to be drawn from your arm then treated to separate red blood cells from plasma. The PRP is then applied to the face during the SkinPen treatment to assist in collagen production. Applying PRP during micro-needling is more effective than direct injections of PRP, as the micro channels allow even distribution across the treatment area as well as absorption into deeper layers of the skin. PRP’s growth factors go to work in these deeper skin layers, encouraging collagen growth as well as rejuvenation of collagen cells. PRP in combination with the SkinPen microneedling results are amplified and healing time is reduced.

Is the SkinPen Procedure Painful?

Most patients do not find the SkinPen procedure painful due to the small size of the needles used and the topical numbing cream that is applied. Most patients experience minimal pain or a hot sensation in treated areas.

What to Expect After a Skinpen Procedure?

Microneedling is an outpatient procedure and there is no downtime after treatment. Immediately after your treatment there may be and redness and minor irrigation, similar to a mild sunburn.  The redness can last from a day up to a week depending on the area treated, number of passes, and level of depth used. Sometimes minimal pinpoint bleeding can occur and is normal. After treatment you can resume normal activities while keeping the area out of the sun.

When Will I See Results?

Results after SkinPen treatment depend on age, skin condition, lifestyle, and other factors. Patients often experience results 1-2 weeks after their procedure and regeneration continues for several months. Usually we recommend for optimal results a series of 3 treatment sessions 4-6 weeks apart with follow up treatments as needed. Over the course of a few weeks, patients can expect to see an improvement in skin’s tone, color, and texture. Also, there should be a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

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