What Areas of the Body Are Treated With Liposuction?

Liposuction Liposuction is a type of surgery that removes fat from specific body areas. This procedure helps contour the areas of the body where fat is removed. Although liposuction does remove fat from the body, it is not considered a weight-loss alternative or method for losing weight. Instead, it is ideally suited for individuals who are otherwise fit and of a stable weight but have fat deposits in specific places throughout their bodies. The following are some of the areas of the body where liposuction is the most utilized:


The love handles can be challenging to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. The waist area is very responsive to liposuction procedures due to its optimal skin elasticity. In many cases, patients who undergo this procedure on their waist enjoy a noticeable waist size reduction.

Upper Arms

Another common treatment area for liposuction is the upper arm area. This location tends to sag over time as we age. It can also be difficult to tone the upper arms with weight lifting alone, as the fat that is stored there is often difficult to lose. Therefore, liposuction can be implemented to sculpt beautiful upper arms without moving toward a more advanced procedure like an arm lift.

Lower Abdomen

In addition to the love handle area already mentioned, the lower abdomen is another extremely common area where liposuction is effectively used. The lower stomach tends to hang onto fat deposits, and again, they can be difficult to lose in this area. It is often described as the “muffin top.” Liposuction in the lower abdomen can be effective, but if the amount of fat is too large or the skin is too loose, a lower body lift or tummy tuck might be a better option. Liposuction can be performed on the upper abdomen as well.


The outer thighs, known as the “saddlebags,” are another problematic area, especially for women. The inner thighs can also touch and need some help. As part of these procedures, sometimes just the top of the inner thigh can be contoured, but other times, the best treatment is liposuction on the whole inner and outer thigh. Remember, the outer thigh plays a significant role in the overall silhouette of a woman’s body, so liposuction in this area can greatly improve the body’s overall appearance and even enhance the buttocks.

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