Reducing the Burden of Large Breasts

Breast Reduction Houston, TXWomen saddled with overly large breasts can feel they are carrying a daily burden, literally. Breasts that are out of proportion with a woman’s body can lead to back and neck pain, breathing issues, rubbing and irritation, and can seriously impact self-esteem.

Patients come to Dr. Barrera to change their situation with breast reduction. There are different options available and you will discuss these during your consultation.

Here are the three most common breast reduction techniques.

  • Traditional breast reduction surgery

This method is best for women with extremely large breasts. Dr. Barrera makes an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola, drops downward toward the crease at the bottom of the breast, and traverses outward in both directions. Although this method creates more scarring, it allows the best access for removal of excess skin, fat, and tissue.

  • Vertical incision breast reduction

This method is sometimes called the “lollipop technique” or the “short scar technique.” Here the incision on each breast circles the areola and drops straight down to the breast crease. Vertical incision reductions are good for women with moderately large breasts who don’t need extensive tissue removal.

  • Scarless breast reduction

Liposuction is used in this method to reduce the breast size with little or no scarring. Obviously, this method does not change the size or appearance of the nipples and areolae, as it only removes fatty tissue. But if the patient has more fatty tissue than glandular tissue, this method can be a great option.

Would breast reduction be right for you?

Having overly large natural breasts can be difficult because the weight creates many issues such as back pain. If you’re considering this procedure with Dr. Barrera, see if these symptoms sound like your condition:

  • You feel your breasts are out of proportion with the rest of your body.
  • Your breasts are heavy and pendulous with nipples pointing downward.
  • You have back, neck, or shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts.
  • You have skin rashes under the bottom of your breasts.
  • Your bra straps dig into your shoulder skin.
  • You avoid certain activities, sports, or exercises due to your breasts.
  • You avoid social situations because of the undue attention your breasts garner.

If you’re tired of the pain and the undue attention generated by your overly large breasts call Dr. Barrera at (713) 468-5200 and schedule a consultation on breast reduction.

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