Recovering from a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are hard on a woman’s body. While the joy of having a child is incredible, what the process did to your body is also incredible, and not in a good way!

But a mommy makeover with Dr. Barrera can get rid of the sagging breasts and skin, separated stomach muscles, and pockets of fat that are the aftermath of having your children. A mommy makeover is the combination of three procedures into a single surgical session. Dr. Barrera usually includes a breast lift (with or without augmentation), a tummy tuck, and liposuction in his mommy makeovers.

We have patients who are excited by the prospect of getting their bodies back, but they’re also very concerned about the recovery involved. After all, these are three surgeries in one. Recovery from a mommy makeover isn’t easy, but Dr. Barrera recommends certain ways to make it go as smoothly as possible. Here are some suggestions.

Follow your recovery instructions

No matter what kind of surgery you have, it’s always important to follow your surgeon’s instructions. This is an absolute necessity with a mommy makeover. You can’t lift much for a period of time. Doing so can stretch and distort your incisions. You have to limit movement. You’ll need to wear your surgical support bra 24 hours a day. All of Dr. Barrera’s instructions need to be religiously followed because they are meant to help you have the smoothest recovery.

Call in reinforcements

This is no time to go it alone. For at least the first 48 hours, you’ll need to have someone with you at your home. This is because you’re not going to be able to move much without help. It will be difficult to stand upright initially. Getting in and out of bed and getting dressed will be very hard without help. Optimum would be having someone there with you for the first 2-3 weeks, taking care of the kids, cooking, and doing other household chores.


It may feel like the last thing you want to do, but moving your body is of paramount importance to prevent possible complications such as the formation of blood clots. You cannot do strenuous activity, but walking is important to help with the tummy tuck portion recovery. Dr. Barrera will give you goals for how much time to walk each day.

Prepare your recovery area

A big part of your recovery comes before your recovery — you need to plan your recovery area and get it ready. If your bedroom is upstairs, you’ll probably want to sleep downstairs for the first week anyway. Fill your pain medication prescriptions and get your space ready. Lots of pillows and blankets. Lots of entertainment (but avoid anything that will make you laugh a lot). Have a table within easy reach of your bed. You may want to invest in a toilet seat booster, to lessen the pressure of squatting. And you’ll need to be off work for two weeks, maybe more.

Don’t overdo things

This is a difficult recovery involving two major surgeries combined with liposuction. Don’t be a hero and brag about how you were up and about two days into it. All that will do is place unnecessary stress on your incisions and your repositioned muscles. That will increase your recovery pain and the duration of your recovery. Fully rest and allow yourself to heal properly. That way you will ensure the quickest recovery and the best ongoing results.

While your recovery from a mommy makeover won’t be a piece of cake, these procedures will make you happy to have your pre-baby body back. If you’re interested in a mommy makeover, please call Dr. Barrera at (713) 468-5200 to schedule a consultation.

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