Can Men Remove Their Beard?

At Dr. Barrera’s, we have plenty of male patients. Some opt for liposuction, others for a tummy tuck. Dr. Barrera helps men with enlarged breasts with reduction surgery.

And they come see us for our laser hair removal. They’re coming in to remove pesky hair from their shoulders and their lower back. They want to get rid of the arm sweater and the hair trailing all the way down their neck.

But surely, you can’t use laser hair removal to abandon the daily tedium that is shaving our beard, right?

Well, that depends. Nationwide, more and more men are targeting their beards with laser hair removal. They don’t expect to get rid of every single hair on the face — they know laser hair removal effectively eliminates up to 85 percent of hair on areas such as the back. But with the density of facial hair, the permanent reduction can be more akin to 75 to 80 percent.

That means they’ll still need to shave, right? So why bother? A number of reasons.

Reasons for targeting your beard with laser hair removal

While it is true it’s virtually impossible to get rid of every single hair on a densely populated male beard, these procedures can be used to sculpt facial hair. This is particularly great for men who want to have some semblance of a beard, or maybe two- or three-day stubble, but want to make it easier to maintain.

Take, for instance, your neck. Guys hate shaving their necks. The skin isn’t as smooth, and it tends to develop ingrown hairs. We have clients come in to specifically target their neck hair. You can get rid of most of the hair below your jawline.

You can also target stragglers. Even men who have full beards struggle with stragglers coming in above (or below) their intended areas of full beard growth. We can target all of these stragglers very effectively, helping to give you a clean line to work with on your cheeks or jawline.

Other men hate that they have dreaded five o’clock shadow virtually the minute they finish shaving. These men can lessen the hair across their beard areas. They don’t expect to fully remove it, or even really want to, but they want to lighten the load of their razor every day.

Even men with heavy beards (basically the entire rotation of relief pitchers on the Astros!) also like us to go after their necks. This is because, even after shaving, their dress shirt collars get punished by the returning stubble on their necks.

Men, you can think beyond those embarrassing areas of body hair: the shoulders, back, tops of your feet, backs of your fingers and such. Laser hair removal can also be very effective for laser beard sculpting. Call us at Dr. Barrera’s, (713) 468-5200, and let’s get to work on that facial hair.

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