Abdominoplasty Vs. Liposuction, What’s the Difference?

HealthAbdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, and liposuction are some of the most common and popular cosmetic treatments available. This is because they both are crucial for sculpting the abdomen, which is known to be a stubborn area for most people. However, there are some key differences between abdominoplasty and liposuction that often can be overlooked. Let’s explore the differences between an abdominoplasty and liposuction so you know which is best for you.


Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where fat is removed from the body. This can be in places like the neck, stomach, hips, legs, arms, and more. It is a common misconception that liposuction is a weight loss procedure. This is false. Instead, liposuction is used for healthy adults that are struggling to remove stubborn body fat. This is often different for each person and depends on their diet, exercise, and genetics. Liposuction usually can only remove around 5 to 10 pounds of fat without excessive risk. A liposuction is a great option for sculpting stubborn areas of the body. Liposuction requires multiple tiny incisions and then uses a small needle-like device to break down and suck the fat out of the body.


Abdominoplasty is fundamentally different than liposuction. That’s because abdominoplasty is the surgical removal of loose skin on the abdomen. Loose skin can develop from pregnancy, large weight loss, or aging. Abdominoplasty is popular because loose skin is often the most dramatic on the abdomen. Abdominoplasty may just target a small part of the stomach or the entire abdomen. Liposuction can be used along with abdominoplasty to ensure there is no loose skin after fat has been taken away. Abdominoplasty can only be done on the abdomen, while liposuction can be done on multiple parts of the body. That being said, there are different surgical procedures that remove loose skin from other parts of the body, like an arm lift.

Which Should I Choose?

Deciding which treatment is right for you depends on your needs. Dr. Barrera Alfonso provides comprehensive consultation services for his treatments and would be happy to discuss your body goals. That way, he can help recommend which treatment best suits your needs. Dr. Barrera is an expert in his field and takes the time to explain the entire procedure and help you feel comfortable. If you’re considering abdominoplasty or liposuction, then contact Dr. Barrera’s office at 713-468-5200 today.

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