When to Consider Getting a Breast Reduction

Breast reduction Large breasts can contribute negatively to your health, causing pain and irritation. Breast reduction can eliminate these physical impacts for a higher quality of life. Here is what you should know about this procedure.

Should You Get a Breast Reduction?

If you deal with the following issues, you might want to call our surgeon to talk about a breast reduction procedure.

You Are Always in Pain

Large breasts can cause pain throughout the body. The strain of the additional weight on your chest can irritate the shoulders, neck, and back, potentially leading to chronic pain. You might also get headaches more regularly because of the strain. Reducing your breast size will allow you to enjoy a more pain-free life.

You Regularly Have a Rash

Moisture can get trapped under large breasts easily, such as water, when you bathe or sweat. If you don’t thoroughly clean the area, you can develop painful red rashes.

You might apply a rash cream to clear it up, but the rashes keep returning. If you are constantly itchy and irritated beneath your breasts, surgery may provide you weith relief.

Reducing your breast size will make the undersides more accessible, allowing you to stave off rashes.

You Struggle with Day-to-Day Life

Your breasts make it difficult to perform various tasks. For instance, you might have a hard time exercising, especially any activities that require you to jump or run, as your breasts move uncomfortably.

You may also struggle to sleep on your side or stomach without your breasts getting in the way. Breast reduction can markedly improve your experience in these areas.

What Is the Recovery for Breast Reduction Surgery?

While you may begin feeling more like yourself within four to six weeks, it can sometimes take up to four months for the swelling from breast reduction to abate. The scars around your breasts will heal within six months to a year and become less noticeable.

Schedule Your Breast Reduction Today

Achieve better breasts that do not disrupt your life with the care of Alfonso Barrera, M.D., F.A.C.S. Dr. Alfonso Barrera’s dedication to providing high-quality cosmetic procedures in a safe and comfortable environment is evident through the use of an accredited surgical facility and through explaining what you can expect at every step of the breast reduction procedure.

With his expertise and prioritization of patient comfort, he can help individuals achieve the natural-looking results they desire. Schedule a consultation to discuss your breast reduction today at 713-468-5200 so that we can discuss your desired cosmetic goals and begin your journey toward feeling confident in your own skin.

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