Fall Is the Time To Plan for That Plastic Surgery Procedure!

Hopefully you had a wonderful summer and managed to have some fun in the sun – but now fall is here and you can feel the colder weather creeping in. The summer fun may be over, but the colder months happen to be the perfect time to plan for that plastic surgery procedure you’ve been thinking about!

Why colder weather is a great time for your procedure

Are you considering a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation, a nose job, or another procedure? These are cosmetic procedures, but they do involve surgery, and that means that you’ll need some time for recovery. That’s one reason why the colder months are the perfect time for a procedure; you can relax, snuggle underneath the covers, and recover while the cold rages on outside (who wants to go outside when it’s cold, anyway?). And, there are other reasons to begin planning for your surgery now:

1. If you are looking to make changes that will impress everyone next summer when you wear your bikini, you have to start now. You may have some pre-surgery instructions to follow to prepare yourself, and then after the procedure you’ll need some time to recover and for the tissue to completely heal. It can take many weeks for swelling and bruising to go down after surgery, so you shouldn’t expect a bikini-ready body immediately after the procedure.

2. If your workplace shuts down over the holidays, or if you have some vacation days to use up, those last few weeks of the year are the perfect time to schedule your surgery and then have some recovery time without having to worry about when to return to work.

3. You may be instructed to wear a compression garment – this and any swelling you might have are easily hidden under a fluffy winter sweater, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious.

The colder months are a great time for any procedure you’ve been considering, but you have to get started now so that you can show off your body when it is bikini weather once again. Call the office of Dr. Alfonso Barrera in Houston for a consultation today, at (713) 468-5200!

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