Plan to Pin Those Ears This Summer

Doctor examining child's earsKids are pretty self-focused and in their own little world on the playground and in elementary school. They don’t notice much about how other kids look, unless there is something that truly sticks out. In the case of the ears, this can be a literal meaning. Children instantly fixate on ears that protrude too far, or are too large or misshapen. And this attention can be a confidence crusher for a child.

Dr. Barrera can correct this problem and stem the tide of teasing with otoplasty. This simple surgery brings the ears closer to the head. Had we known what the past 18 months would entail, we could have brought our child to see Dr. Barrera over that time. Ah, but everything was soooooo weird that none of us were thinking completely straight.

Well, by this summer hopefully everything COVID will be over. And that would be a great time to fix your child’s protruding ears. A Houston summer is perfect timing for this surgery, as your child can have the simple procedure and recover easily in time for school in the fall.

What is otoplasty?

Ear surgery, clinically known as otoplasty, is performed to reshape the ears or reposition them into a more desirable position. Usually, otoplasty is performed to “pin” the ears into a position closer to the head. Conveniently, in this instance the incisions, and future scarring, can be hidden behind the ears.

Who are good candidates for ear surgery?

During your consultation with Dr. Barrera, he will determine if your child is a good candidate for the procedure. Parents usually consider having the procedure when the appearance of a child’s ears starts to affect his or her confidence. By the age of 4, the ears are basically finished growing, so surgery can be performed. Other people are born with natural ear defects and opt for reconstructive ear surgery. In adults, torn earlobes due to injury, trauma, or a period of wearing earrings that are much too heavy are the more prevalent reasons for having otoplasty.

Otoplasty procedure

During ear pinning surgery, Dr. Barrera makes an incision behind the ear to gain access to the cartilage. Once the cut is made, the ear cartilage is then recontoured while excess skin in the area is removed. After the ear is repositioned much closer to the head, the surgical cut is closed with sutures or dissolvable stitches. Other types of otoplasty will involve reconfiguring of the ear shape and are, by nature, more involved.

Generally, recovery is not very difficult, especially for fast-healing children. The recovery of self-esteem is even easier!

Does your child have protruding ears? June is a great time to have them brought closer to the head with otoplasty with Dr. Barrera. Call us at (713) 468-5200 to schedule a consultation for your child.

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